Sunday, June 19, 2011

Finalizing the Interceptor

Getting it ready for final review. I took some time to put together a few images for you guys.

Group shot showing the 4 different police versions and the 4 unmarked colors:

Things of note: there are 8 different unit numbers for the classic and sci-fi blue versions, which each have their own PDF. The European PDF includes the UK version plus 5 versions of the blue-over-silver with police markings in different languages.

The third PDF includes the 4 unmarked schemes. I included a dingy white and a hideous beige for unmarked/retired police vehicles, while the silver is an unmarked detective car, and the black is supposed to be useful for FBI and government types. The unmarked versions don't have the same set of lighting hardware as the marked versions--the areas where the light set is normally installed have been covered up with plug-in panels, and a wigwag headlight/running light setup is used instead. The fleet shop can convert Interceptors from one version to another by popping off the plug-in panels and installing the necessary hardware or vice versa. They don't fool anyone any more than an unmarked Crown Victoria does, either.

Here are some shots of the model frame and instructions:

I'm pleased that it stayed within the 1 page/10 parts budget--I was a little worried because of the unusual geometry.

I still have to do a couple more things, but it'll be ready to zip up and turn in for final review at WWG before I go to bed.